Markers Are My Best Friend


I got Prismacolor markers for Christmas last year and I never really tried them out until recently, and you know what?

I love them so so so much.

I’m still learning the basics, how to create seamless color, how to layer them, how to add shadows and all that, but I’m having a great time doing it. It’s really relaxing, and most of my marker drawings are redraws from sketches I’ve done previously so I get good practice coping a subject too. I think going from a pencil sketch to pen lineart makes my figures a little stiff, so that’s something I need to work on, but adding color breaths life into my sketches like I’ve never experienced before.

My scanner finally works after my tinkering with it for over a year, so I’ve uploaded some regular pencil sketches too. Also ignore the lack of hands. Hands are dumb and hard to draw.

Here are some of my drawing, the rest are on the “Traditional Art” page.


prismacolor markers and pitt pen

prismacolor markers and pitt pen

Mermaid General










prismacolor marker and pitt pen

prismacolor marker and pitt pen

Black Canary











prismacolor markers and pitt pen

prismacolor markers and pitt pen


Even More Pen Sketches

I love working in pen but at the same time I hate it.

I mean you always get lovely dark values, and it looks great scanned, but there is no erasing. Which sucks.

But anyways, I updated the Traditional art and Anatomy Sketches pages so you can go check those out if you want.

Here are a few of my favorites:







I Can Speed Paint?

So the other day I was listening to a song a friend of mine from high school wrote and sang and it was like “BOOM” inspiration.

I sketched it out really fast and kind of left it for a month or something but then I came across it and decided to finish it. I was originally going to cell shade it, but then I started to actually paint the wings and it sort of got out of hand…

From On High

It was a pretty fast process, I did it all in one day and only came back the next day to add the glow and tweak a few things. I had to leave off to go to class otherwise I might have finished it all in one go.

The song was “Cloud Girl” and it’s beautiful. He recently wrote a new song called “In Your Eyes” and it never fails to make me smile.

I’ve actually never speed painted before so it was a fun experience for me.

Doing Some Winter Cleaning

It’s been close to over a year since I’ve updated my galleries, and let me tell you I cringe looking at them now.

It’s not that I posted anything really bad, in fact at the time it was pretty decent work for me, but now I just don’t want to look at them anymore. It’s horrible attempts at perspective, not even close to enough dark values, and just grossness over all. I suppose that means I’ve improved but it’s just disheartening to see. It’s like ‘how did I ever think I could be an artist?????’ I really came back to this blog because I googled myself after I saw an episode of How I Met Your Mother, and they were talking about how people google the people they were going to go out with. That got me thinking about what people would see if they googled me? 99% of it is my art, and some of it is just ew so I thought I’d come back and clean things up. To be honest I quite forgot I had this website until that point. I deleted some really really horrible stuff and am adding some new college works and sketches.

Here are a couple pen sketches I’m pretty happy with

aj1.005 aj 3012aj 3008

aj 3006 aj 3003 aj 3002

I’ll be posting new art and updating old galleries on and off so expect more from me later.

Now as I have learned in English class, and attention getter. *Ahem* FREE COOKIES!!

Disclaimer: There are not actually free cookies. That was a lie. Like what the cake is. Sorry about that.

But anyway, I made some changes to my already super sparkly blog and I thought you might want to know!! :D … I know you don’t really care. Just skip to the link at the bottom of this post to see the pretty pictures if you don’t want to read this. I totally understand.

I’ve added a couple new tabs of galleries to the top of the screen! Now I can show off my wonderful Sculptures and attempts at Photography. Feel free to scroll to the top of the screen, click the tabs, and view my wonderful work! You can do that now, I’ll wait here. *Starts humming to myself* Done yet? You took forever! Well anyhow, you can see by the lovely golden arrows on this screenshot where the new tabs are located. You can also get there under the “Galleries” box to the right of this post. I also updated my Artist Statement page and Traditional Art gallery… So, you should look at those too…

Now that the boring part is done, we can get on to the shameless advertizing of my new works! First up is my shiney new, just-peeled-off-the-plastic, Photography page!

Pretty nice for a wanna-be huh? Those were taken at my birthday party this year. The one on the left with a few others were out in the hills by my house, and the flower was part of my birthday bouquet.

Next up is the Sculpture page! I don’t really have much on it, since I don’t do many sculptures… But yeah, here’s my clay pot I made and painted! From this I learned a very valuable lesson: Watercolor does not stay on very well over Acryllic paint. One of my friends convinced me to paint the whole thing with white acryllic paint first, then watercolor over. Yeah don’t do that ok guys? It doesen’t work. At all.









And now for the Traditional Art page update! I added a bunch, but the sad part is I have so many more pictures to crop and upload… I painted the box on the left for my oldest sister as a kind of wedding/engagement gift. I made it for her to put all her special wedding tokens in, so later when she has kids they can look through the box and see a little of what her wedding was like. I also made another one for my other sister who is also getting married a year later.







So yeah! That’s a good taste of what I’ve been up to lately. I’ll have to get the rest of my pictures uploaded soon, and hopefully have them up within the month. I graduate at the end of the month, so things are going to get even more hectic then they already are. Ah! I’m so nervous!

An Update

Mega Update of Gigantic Proportions!

I have gotten so far behind, and I am sorry for that. But the good news is that I finished my Sisters series! Yay!!

First I did my portrait, then I did my middle sister’s. Mine looks really rather strange. It upsets me deeply, but what can you do? Hide it under the bed and never mention it again? Pretend nothing is wrong with it? Or my personal favorite, be like Picasso and KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

Ha ha, no. I do not actually burn my art work. I only recycle it when I majorly screw up in the beginning stages and no forces in this world could ever repair the damage. Except maybe Harry Potter, but where can you get an attractive British wizard at this hour?!

In all seriousness, I have only had one piece this year that I am so ashamed of that I hid and am pretending it does not exist. It was my charcoal piece. It fills me with much shame.

So, here is my self-portrait!

 WARNING: I DO NOT ACTUALLY LOOK THIS WEIRD. My pencils were giving me such troubles on this drawing. There were of a really terrible quality. I also just royally screwed up on the chin. I might upload the picture I used later, if I can find it… I lose things quite easily….
The final picture I did was of my middle sister, and I believe that one is my best. Except for the nose. That nose hated me. It would not work for me, and for the life of me I could not fix it! It was terrible! But yeah, other than that it is probably the best one I did. You can decide for yourself though. I switched my brand of pencils I used on this last portrait. My other pencils were terrible nasty quality, and these pencils now are amazing! The finished product is such higher quality! … I’m a bit of an art supplies nerd. Seriously, you can put me in Michael’s and I can spend an hour just looking at all the wonderous things I can buy.
Oh yeah, I also uploaded a whole ton of pictures onto my “Drawing” page. It’s a lot of sketchbook assignments and even a catapult I painted for my friend’s physics assignment! You can see them if you click on the little rectangle at the top of the screen that says “Drawings” in white letters. It’s hard to miss, unless of course you are ignoring it. Which is totally fine. Then you could just click on this handy dandy link right her in the words you are probably glossing over. MY TALKING IS SO INTERESTING!!!

The Unsuspecting Doodle

One night this past summer of 2011 (how long ago that seems now), I sat in my basement massaging a cramp out of an angry neck. (This is what naturally happens to the body when humched over drawing at the computer for many hours at a time.) Then I decided to do one more quick doodle before bed, where I probably should have been two hours before. It looked a little something like this.

I liked it, so I made it my profile picture. Little did I know that this unsuspecting doodle would be the start of a massive project that would consume countless hours, and span many months. First one friend saw and wanted one, then another, then another. Soon I had a list of to-do’s! As painstaking as it was sometimes (I got a literal lump on the back of my neck the size of a ping pong ball for three days) it was very good practice, and you can see the evoluction of my skill from shakey to smooth lines, and simple shading to more complex. I’m to ashamed of the very first friend I drew to post it (holy man does it suck). I am so ashamed of it that I am going to redo it, and make it so much BETTER! :D

So now, for your viewing pleasure is a montage of my chibi faces.

And the sad part is, I still have three more to do! D: